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Revised Operating Order 16-03, Conduit Mortgage Payments in Chapter 13 Cases Assigned to Judge Burris

Friday, December 1, 2017

A revised Operating Order is available here for conduit plans filed on or after this date to conform to the December 1, 2017, changes in the local form plan and local rules.  Changes and updates are summarized as follows:

1.  Paragraph I was split into two paragraphs.
2.  Certain terms were updated.
3.  References were added to direct the filer to check appropriate boxes in the form plan.
4.  Some language formerly in Exhibit A was moved to Paragraph IV(D), (E) and (F).
5.  Exhibit A (Approved Non-Standard Language) was updated, shortened and labeled "Option 1." An alternative "Option 2" was added to provide that, at the recommendation of the Chapter 13 trustee assigned to the case, debtors may utilize conduit plan language hereafter approved by Judge Burris. This Option 2 was added to accommodate future improvements to and/or abbreviations of the language found in Option 1.