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Court Technology

Digital recordings of Court Proceedings
The Court records all proceedings. Audio recordings can be provided on a CD or USB drive. The cost to obtain either form of media is $30.00. The audio recordings require the FTR player which may be obtained free at


Electronic Courtrooms
The United States Bankruptcy Court, District of South Carolina offers video and audio conferencing technology and video evidence presentation capabilities in the majority of its courtrooms. Procedures for use of electronic courtroom technology may vary between judges. Refer to the presiding judge's Chambers Guidelines for guidance.  Courtroom Services To Contact Courtroom Staff, call 803-765-5436, option 7, option 1 is another excellent resource and is responsible for coordinating use of technology in courtrooms.
More information on the availability of technology in specific courtrooms can be found here.


Public Access
Public access computer terminals and telephones have been made available at the Court's Columbia location and the Charleston location by appointment. The public may access bankruptcy case information electronically at these locations at no cost. Credit Counseling assistance and additional bankruptcy information, including an informational bankruptcy video, are also available. Any documents printed from these public access terminals will incur a charge of up to $.50 per printed page.


Wireless Access
The Court has implemented Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology at each Court location. Learn more by clicking on this link.