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Electronic Document Submission System

The Electronic Document Submission System (EDSS) is designed to allow individuals not represented by an attorney to submit on their own behalf properly signed and formatted PDF documents to the Court for filing as an alternative to mailing or bringing the documents to the courthouse.  If your document(s) requires a filing fee, please click here for information on current fees and payment types.  All partnerships, corporations, and other business entities must be represented by an attorney duly admitted to practice as specified in SC LBR 2090-1, except for limited circumstances provided in SC LBR 9011-2.

Bankruptcy petitions and proofs of claim are not permitted to be filed via EDSS.  If you would like to file a bankruptcy petition, please see information concerning Electronic Self-Representation (eSR) here.  A proof of claim must be submitted through ePOC.


  • You do not have a working email address;
  • You are submitting a document for a non-individual (e.g., corporation partership, LLC); or
  • You are an attorney representing a client (unless SC LBR 5005-4(c) applies), or you are a petition preparer.

Documents submitted using EDSS must be reviewed and accepted by the Clerk's Office and may not be electronically filed on the case docket immediately.  If a document submitted using EDSS is accepted for filing by the Court, the document will be considered filed on the date and time it was uploaded and submitted through EDSS. Documents received after 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday will not be reviewed for filing until the next business day. A document submitted using EDSS is not officially filed with the Clerk's Office until the Clerk's Office has electronically filed the document in the CM/ECF system.

Filing with EDSS is governed by the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Bankruptcy Rules, and the Local Bankruptcy Rules.  Users must comply with SC LBR 5005-4 and documents must include a handwritten signature.  Users must comply with the privacy protection requirements of Fed. R. Bankr P. 9037 and SC LBR 9037-1.  ECF users must file using CM/ECF and may only use EDSS in the event of a technical failure pursuant to Local Rule 5005-4.

If a document is submitted for the incorrect case, the individual must amend or withdraw the document filed in error.  No changes to a document can be made once the document has been submitted through EDSS.  If a document submitted using EDSS is rejected, the Clerk's Office will send an e-mail Deficiency Notice explaining the reason the document is being returned and not filed with the Court (e.g., no record of named debtor(s)/case number, illegible document, etc.).

Only PDFs are allowed and pictures are not accepted unless scanned to PDF (Apple devices | Android devices). PDFs that cannot be opened or are illegible will be rejected and will not be filed with the court.

DISCLAIMER: The use of EDSS requires some computer literacy and the Court cannot help you use your own equipment.  If you are not comfortable using your computer, scanning documents and/or creating and manipulating PDFs, please deliver your documents in-person or by mail to the Court in Columbia.

**DO NOT complete the information below if you are attempting to upload a petition to open a bankruptcy case.  Use the Court’s Electronic Self-Representation (eSR) tool to complete a bankruptcy petition.  Any petitions uploaded to EDSS will not be processed and no bankruptcy case will be opened.**

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

By clicking "Submit" below, you represent each of the following:

  1. I intend to file the attached document(s) with the court.
  2. The document(s) uploaded contain my original handwritten signature in applicable parts of the document(s).
  3. The uploaded document(s) will not be considered filed with the court until I receive further notification from the court.
  4. This filing is made in compliance with Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9011 and all applicable statutes and court rules.
  5. I have reviewed SC LBR 5005-4 and 5080-1, including the requirements pertaining to: (i) ensuring documents are properly signed; (ii) service of documents filed with the Court; (iii) my obligation to deliver the original document(s) filed; and (iv) the payment of any required fees.
  6. I consent to receive notices or other papers from the Clerk of Court to the e-mail address set forth above.
  7. I am not a licensed attorney.
  8. I understand EDSS is provided as a convenience to pro se filers and a filer's authorization to use this system may be revoked at any time in the Court's discretion.
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