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Financial Education - CARE Program


The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina is pleased to sponsor the CARE program (Credit Abuse Resistance Education), within South Carolina. The CARE program is a national education initiative sponsored in bankruptcy courts and by the American Bankruptcy Institute, designed to provide information about money management and the consequences of consumer credit use to high school and college students.

The CARE program is designed to educate young adults on (1) the true cost of consumer credit; (2) the difficulty of repayment of nonessential consumer debt; (3) the consequences of financial problems; and (4) the need for savings and budgeting tools. Presentations by volunteer professionals in the credit and bankruptcy law communities are made in schools, or other classroom and community settings throughout the state and are free of any charge.

To register as a school or community organization and request a presentation or to register as a volunteer presenter, send an email to Volunteers who register will receive email alerts when schools and organizations request a presentation. Volunteers may access a library of presentation materials and forms created by the Court’s CARE working group on the CARE website, at