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Filing Without an Attorney

Caution: Click Here Before Proceeding without an Attorney.

You may represent yourself in your bankruptcy case.  The process can be complex and many debtors who do not use an attorney do not get the relief they want because they are unfamiliar with the requirements of the law.  This includes firm deadlines to get your required information and documents filed with the Court and, if you are filing a chapter 13 case, filing and obtaining confirmation of a chapter 13 plan.  Hiring an attorney with bankruptcy experience can be affordable.  Many bankruptcy lawyers will talk with you for a small fee or no fee upfront. 

There are many free resources available to individuals without attorneys, including opportunities to speak or email with attorneys licensed in South Carolina who may help you file bankuptcy for little or no cost. Click here to learn more about available resources. 

Information on this site is given as a general overview of the bankruptcy process.  It should not be relied upon for your individual situation or taken as legal advice.  Talk to an attorney to discuss your financial situation.

If a petition is filed in violation of a previous order of dismissal with prejudice, statute, or rule, the Court may dismiss the case and/or annul the automatic stay ex parte, provide in rem relief, or take other action, with the Court retaining jurisdiction for the purpose of considering further action or sanctions, including barring further filings with the Court.

No employee of the Court is permitted to give legal advice or to respond to questions which may constitute legal advice. General information regarding filing a bankruptcy case, fees, forms, trustees, Court locations, calendars, etc. is available on this site at no charge. Links are provided on this site to other information including the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the South Carolina Bankruptcy Local Rules.

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