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Telephone Directory

US Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina
Main Number: 803-765-5436
Press 0: For general court information or case filing questions.
Press 2: Search by Name.
Press 3: For automated case information (VCIS).
Press 4: For information on hearing impaired and interpreting services.
Press 5: If you would like to schedule a CARE presentation or are interested in learning more about the Court's financial literacy program.
Press 6: If you are an attorney or creditor and have CM/ECF questions.
Press 7: For assistance with Court Calendars, Hearings and any other Scheduling Matters.
Press 8: If you are calling with questions about filing a Chapter 13 case by fax or email with our Charleston office.
Press 9: To hear this menu again.

  CM/ECF Help Desk Direct Dial Menu: 803-253-3624
Electronic Filers Help Desk (registered electronic filers)

Press 1: For case filing assistance.
Press 2: For assistance with CM/ECF passwords or registering as an electronic filer.

                         For technical assistance regarding eSR or EDSS, please contact 803-765-5468.