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Request for Comment on Proposed Changes to the Local Rules

Monday, October 18, 2021

The judges invite comment to proposed changes to the local rules to on or before November 19, 2021. Below is a summary of the changes.

     · Local Rule 1007-2- Amended to allow the Clerk’s Office to proactively address bad addresses on the mailing matrix. 
     · Local Rule 2014-1- Amended to add a note to clarify employment of professionals in a chapter 13 case. 
     · Local Rule 2015-3- Amended to address reporting requirements in a chapter 11 case. 
     · Local Rule 2016-1- Amended to remove the paragraph regarding non-standard case representation. 
     · Local Rule 3015-5- Amended to remove reference to filing a certificate of service.
     · Local Rule 3015-8- Substantial amendments to address various post-confirmation transactions in a chapter 13 case.  Also included is the proposed Local Form for this rule. 
     · Local Rule 6070-1- Amended to revise how tax information may be disseminated by the court.
     · Local Rule 9011-4- Substantially amended to address electronic signatures.
     · Local Rule 9013-1- The title was amended to clarify the application of the rule. 
     · Local Rule 9013-3- Amended to address electronic notice of documents. 
     · Local Rule 9013-4- The instructions and the exhibits to the rule were substantially amended.  The exhibits were amended to clarify noticing requirements for certain matters and to identify those matters where notices are generally transmitted by NEF.  Further adjustments to the exhibits may be made to address changes to Local Rule 3015-8 if it is adopted.
     · Local Rule 9036-1- Amended to conform with national changes to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9036.

These rules, in the absence of negative public comment and withdrawal or revision by the judges, will be effective December 1, 2021. The judges would like to thank the Local Rules Committee for their assistance.

     Mary M. Caskey
     Lawrence W. Johnson, Jr.
     John B. Kelchner
     Eddye L. Lane
     Cynthia J. Lowery
     Wm. Harrison Penn
     John Timothy Stack
     Rory D. Whelehan
     Bianca P. Williams
     James M. Wyman

Click here to view the proposed changes to local rules.