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Chambers' Bulletins

Wed, 3/25/2015 - 5:00 am

Judge Waites has amended his Chambers Guidelines regarding Loss Mitigation/Mortgage Modification Procedures based upon comments from the Trustees and members of the Bar. Click here for a copy of the changes.

The primary changes, which shall be effective April 10, 2015, include requiring the use of the Portal as the exclusive means of seeking loss mitigation/mortgage modification in his cases (absent order otherwise) and setting forth several methods of payment of attorney’s fees for counsel assisting in loss mitigation/mortgage modification efforts.

Judge Waites invites comments or suggestions to be directed to Sarah Kistler by email to on or before April 6, 2015.

A further training session on the use of the Portal has been arranged by members of the Debtors’ Bar for March 30, 2015 in Columbia. Interested parties should contact Michael Cox by email to

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