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UST Procedure Concerning Meetings of Creditors

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The United States Trustee has asked the court to disseminate to the bar the following United States Trustee procedure concerning meetings of creditors. The judges of the court concur that matters concerning meetings of creditors should first be addressed to the trustee and United States Trustee before court intervention is requested.
All matters involving meetings of creditors, including, requests to accept testimony from non-debtors holding powers of attorney, requests for continuances, the use of interpreters, and the examination of incarcerated debtors, should be addressed initially in writing with the trustee assigned to the case before relief is sought from the Court.   The United States Trustee should be contacted in writing if a party is unable to resolve a meeting of creditors issue with the case trustee.  Any pleading filed with the Court regarding a meeting of creditors issue should state in sufficient detail efforts to resolve the matter with the case trustee and the United States Trustee.