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Local Rules Posted for Comment

Friday, November 14, 2014

Attached for public comment are several amendments to the Local Rules. The deadline to object to a supplemental fee application submitted after confirmation pursuant to Local Rule 2016-1(b)(2)(A)(ii) is amended from 20 to 21 days. A clarifying comment regarding proposed orders is added to 4001-4. Substantial amendments are made to Local Rule 7067-1 to implement a national system for the deposit of certain registry funds, excluding unclaimed funds and rental deposits for landlords under Local Rule 4001-5. Several clarifying amendments are made to Local Rule 9013-4. A cross-reference to the Chambers Guidelines is added to paragraph (b)(1)(C). Exhibits A and C were amended to reflect that the United States trustee can use the rule to file certain motions to dismiss and Exhibit A was amended to remove reference to filing a motion for obtaining a limited exemption to pre-petition credit counseling pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 109(h)(3). Finally, clarifying amendments were made to Local Rule 9037-1 to reflect that motions filed under that rule are also considered motions to redact. Comments to these changes should be made to Jeff Davis at on or before November 28, 2014.