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Columbia Division Case Assignments

Friday, September 16, 2022

As previously announced, all new Columbia Division cases and proceedings will be assigned to Judge Duncan, effective September 25, 2022. Additionally, most open Columbia Division cases and proceedings previously assigned to Chief Judge Burris, including Trustee Annemarie Mathews' chapter 13 cases, will be reassigned to Judge Duncan.

Effective September 25, 2022, Judge Duncan's Chambers Preferences will apply to these cases and proceedings, except as noted or otherwise ordered by the Court. There will be no change in trustee assignment, and it is not necessary to re-notice any hearing or re-file any pleading. Hearings will proceed as scheduled unless otherwise ordered.

Chapter 13 calendar dates and time slots previously posted for Judge Burris have been adopted by Judge Duncan. Future self-scheduling calendars for Judge Duncan will follow the same hearing date pattern (most often a Thursday for Trustee Mathews), however, future posted time slots will follow the practice otherwise used by Judge Duncan (initial confirmation hearings at 10 and other chapter 13 matters at 10:30).

Judge Burris' practice of permitting the filing of modified chapter 13 plans during the twenty-eight (28) day window before confirmation hearings will be honored for the previously scheduled September 29 and October 13 calendars. Her practice of mooting consideration of confirmation and removing matters from the calendar will also be observed for these dates. Thereafter Judge Duncan's Chambers Preferences will be followed.

Should the procedures previously followed in reassigned chapter 13 cases affect the ongoing administration of a case, Judge Duncan will follow the law of the case and honor orders previously entered. To the extent that Trustee Mathews or counsel to parties in these chapter 13 cases request additional accommodation during this time of transition, such requests will be acted upon to ensure the proper, efficient, fair, and equitable disposition of matters, cases, and proceedings.