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Chambers' Bulletins

Thu, 4/05/2018 - 4:11 pm

At the request of the debtors' bar, the Request for Order Authorizing Loss Mitigation/Mortgage Modification event is now available for use in chapter 7 cases (Judge Duncan and Judge Burris cases only).  The event may be used one time only, and can only be filed once the chapter 7 trustee has filed a report of no distribution or a report of abandonment of the specific property on which the debtor intends to pursue loss mitigation.  A copy of the resulting order is available here.  Note that the chapter 7 order provides that “the issuance of this order does not extend any time period or deadline in this case.” Additionally, the language of the Request for Order Authorizing Loss Mitigation/Mortgage Modification in Judge Duncan and Judge Burris chapter 13 cases has changed slightly to conform to the language of the chapter 7 order and to provide clarity.  The title of the Order has changed from "Order Authorizing Loss Mitigation/Mediation" to "Order Authorizing Loss Mitigation/Mortgage Modification", and the second sentence of the order has been revised to add "at their discretion" after "Debtor(s) and Creditor", reflecting that although the stay is lifted to allow the parties to engage in loss mitigation, doing so  is within the discretion of the parties.  A copy of the revised order is available here.

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