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Chambers' Bulletins

Fri, 2/02/2018 - 2:30 pm

Our Court web page has a new feature.  Under the "Judges' Information" tab you will find a new link to "Chambers' Bulletins."  This link will take you to a new page containing messages and important announcements from one or more of the Judges of the Court.  Recent Chambers' Bulletins are available on the opening page of the web site, opposite News & Announcements.  News & Announcements will continue to report courtwide news, administrative matters, and news from the Clerk's office.  Chambers' Bulletins will contain courtroom and chambers news and information.

If you practice in one division or need to consult the preferences and practices of a particular judge you can restrict your search to that judge (and can even choose to subscribe only to alerts from that judge).  Announcements by the Chief Judge and those on behalf of all the Judges will be under the "On Behalf of the Court" heading and all CM/ECF registered users will receive alerts with those messages, along with News & Announcements alerts as in the past.  Substantive messages from the old Judges' Corner Archive are still available on the Chambers' Bulletins page.

 The Court's web page also has a new Advanced Search Feature.  To access the Advanced Search feature, click on the "Go" button in the search feature on the upper right hand side of the web page.  A Search page will appear, and below the box for "Enter your keywords", "Advanced search" will appear.  If you click on Advanced search, you will have various options for searching.  Using this feature, you can search specific keywords and can select options to search only Chambers' Bulletins or News & Announcements. 

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