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Chambers' Bulletins

Mon, 4/28/2014 - 5:00 am

Judge Waites would like to thank the attorneys listed below for their participation in the Chapter 13 Pro Se Debtor Assistance Program.  Our records show that pro se debtors who subsequently obtain counsel are much more likely to achieve confirmation of their chapter 13 plans.  Participating attorneys have provided positive feedback regarding the program, noting that the volunteer attorney is often able to receive compensation for their services.  Judge Waites also thanks the attorneys with South Carolina Legal Services for their participation in the Program.  If you are interested in being added to the list of volunteer attorneys, please contact Sarah Kistler at

Beth Atkins
Ann Bell
Showell Blades
Colleen Brunson
Natashia Bush
Dee Compton
Michael Conrady
Michael Cox
Russ DeMott
Richard Dolce
Michael Drose
Jay Duvall
Carol Elliott
Phil Fairbanks
David Gaffney
Nancy Johnson
James Hinson
Miller Ingram
Steve Huggins
Elizabeth Heilig
Debra Matthews
Michael Matthews
Malinda McAleer
David Melnyk
Rob Meredith
Jason Moss
Jane Ruschky
Janne Osborne
Lee O'Steen
Eric Reed
Lex Rogerson
Jane Ruschky
Reid Smith
Daniel Stone
Carolyn Stringer
Daryle Walker
Rory Whelehan

Wed, 4/16/2014 - 5:00 am

Judge Waites and the staff of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court would like to thank Patrick Mohan for his service as law clerk during the past two years. Patrick will join Reorg Research, a New York based research firm that provides news, commentary and analysis regarding distressed debt and large Chapter 11 cases. He will continue to work and reside in Columbia. His last day in chambers will be April 18, 2014. It has been a pleasure working with Patrick and we wish him the very best.

Judge Waites is also pleased to welcome Kayce Seifert as a law clerk in his chambers in Charleston, beginning April 21, 2014. Kayce is a December 2013 honors graduate of the Charleston School of Law.

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