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Chambers' Bulletins

Wed, 9/05/2012 - 5:00 am

Local Rules 3011-1, 3016-1, 4001-1, 4003-2, 6004-1, 6007-1, and 9013-4 and related exhibits have been amended effective September 1, 2012. Substantive amendments to SC LBR 3011-1 were made to conform with Judicial Conference policy on the payment of unclaimed dividends. Paragraph (b) was also added to SC LBR 3011-1 to provide that certain unclaimed dividends in chapter 11 liquidating plans may be distributed to non-profit entities. Exhibit A to Local Rule 6007-1 and 9013-4 were amended to clarify that a notice and application to abandon property may be filed by a debtor-in-possession or trustee on 14 days notice; however, all other parties must file a motion to compel the trustee to abandon property. Technical amendments were also made to the remaining rules or exhibits and an explanation of the changes is appended to each rule. The Judges wish to thank the local rules committee for their comments and assistance with these changes.

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