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Chambers' Bulletins

Thu, 3/11/2004 - 4:00 am

In order to assist me in considering issues arising in connection with CM/ECF, I have organized a User’s Committee. Its members are the President of Bankla, John Lester; a member of the Local Rules Committee, Mike Church; a Trustee, Jimmy Wyman; and a member of the Bar, Brad Richardson.

One of our objectives in the near future is to review the Administrative Procedures upon which the implementation of CM/ECF in this district is based. Frankly, it was a document copied and cobbled together from procedures used by other Courts and appears to have some inconsistencies in critical areas, such as the rules regarding service of pleadings and when documents are to be considered deficient.

If you have any concerns or suggestions on CM/ECF, please let me or a member of this Committee know.

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