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Electronic Noticing for Debtors and Amended Rule 9036-1

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A technical amendment is made to Local Rule 9036-1 to update the process for debtors to receive electronic notices from the court. Debtors may file a Debtor's Electronic Noticing Request with the Court using the new CM/ECF event "Debtor's Request to Activate Electronic Noticing." The document will be placed on the docket but hidden from public access. Court personnel will enter the debtor's information with the BNC and the debtor must confirm the request for electronic notice through a confirmation email sent to the debtor by the BNC. Registration by a debtor for electronic notice will result in the debtor receiving electronic notice of only those documents noticed by the Court. The debtor is still entitled to service of documents by other parties pursuant to applicable rules. Registration should be completed as soon as possible and attorneys are encouraged to sign up clients for electronic noticing on the petition date so that the 341 notice is sent electronically. Two new events are also available if the debtor needs to update account information or wishes to deactivate electronic notice. Further information about the initiative is contained in this new section of the website.