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Reminder Request for Comment on Proposed Changes to Local Rules

Thursday, November 9, 2023

As a reminder, the Court and the Advisory Committee on Local Rules, Practice, and Procedures welcomed comments on the proposed changes to the local rules and corresponding local rules forms.  Comments are due by tomorrow, November 10th and should be submitted to  Further information and details on the proposed changes can be found in the Court’s October 11th announcement. The Advisory Committee will meet after that date to consider suggestions and comments, and make recommendations to the Court.  New local rules, if implemented, are generally effective December 1st after that process.  However, due to the number of comments received regarding proposed changes to SC LBR 2016-1(b) and considering the approaching effective date of new local rules, the judges will ensure that changes made to SC LBR 2016-1(b), if any, will not take effect on December 1, 2023; rather, the Committee will further consider the comments and any changes to that rule will be further vetted and implemented at a later date.