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Reminder Regarding Electronic Resources

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Court has several resources available to parties that may reduce the potential exposure to and the spread of the Coronavirus Disease.  Debtors can avoid receiving a physical copy of certain documents filed in their case by registering for electronic notice.  Debtors can complete this form and return the completed form to the Clerk’s Office at 1100 Laurel Street, Columbia, SC 29201.  Completing the form will allow you to electronically receive all documents noticed by the court once you verify your email address in a link that will be sent to you after registration.   Any debtor represented by an attorney can also have his or her attorney file this form.  Creditors can also elect to receive notices electronically by signing up for electronic notice at If you have questions about how to sign up for electronic notices, please contact Jeff Davis at 803-765-5120.


Creditors have the option to electronically submit bankruptcy claims and associated documents to the court using the Electronic Proof of Claim system.  This system may be accessed without a login and password.   Access to the system and instructions for filing can be found at:


The Court and the South Carolina Bar sponsor a monthly Ask-A-Lawyer program, which allows parties to speak with an attorney by telephone about bankruptcy related matters.  Contact the Court at 803-765-5045 to schedule an appointment for the program.  More information about the program can be found at:


The Court’s website also has other specific information for creditors and debtors about bankruptcy and the court’s processes.  If you need to contact the Court, please call the Clerk’s Office at 803-765-5436.