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New Website Format

Friday, August 26, 2016

Several years ago, the Administrative Offices of the United States Courts developed a national template for website formatting. The purpose of the national template is for all federal courts to use a similar website design so that the public can find information from any court website quickly and easily. There are many courts across the country that already use this design, including other bankruptcy and district courts in the Fourth Circuit. Although there may be slight variations on the design, the overall look and function of the sites are very similar to promote ease of use, particularly to people, businesses and attorneys whose bankruptcy court work might cross multiple districts. Please be advised that our Court will be completing the conversion of our website to the national template in the coming weeks. We are excited to bring this new website design to South Carolina and we hope you find the new site efficient and easy to use. We will announce the official go live date when it becomes available and provide an email address for you to send comments and suggestions once you have had the opportunity to review it.