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New CMECF events- Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the “CARES Act”

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Court has activated new CMECF events to accommodate the CARES Act. These events are available for use in cases assigned to all judges and supplement any other available relief, such as procedures for plan modification, loan modification and requests for a moratorium. Please consult any additional guidance issued hereafter by any judge regarding use of these events.

Notice of Forbearance Agreement – (CARES Act)

This event adds a PDF of a modification or forbearance agreement to the case docket. The event produces a docket entry as follows:

     Notice of Forbearance Agreement – (CARES Act) The attachment is filed for the purpose of documenting and recording the agreement between debtor(s) and (creditor name) and no further action will be taken by the Court as a result of the filing. If the agreement alters any payment made or to be made by or through a trustee under the terms of a plan, appropriate modification of the plan by amendment, Motion and/or Consent Order (including trustee consent) is necessary.

Proposed Consent Forbearance Order

This event allows filing of a PDF of a proposed consent forbearance order for consideration by the assigned judge and, if signed and entered, will be docketed as a Consent Forbearance Order. Creditor consent may be indicated on the proposed order, if appropriate, or by including a PDF that indicates creditor consent. A proposed consent forbearance order is appropriate if the relevant agreement between debtor(s) and creditor alters any payment made or to be made by or through a trustee under the terms of the plan and requires the consent of any case trustee, by indicating consent on the document or electronically thereafter.