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New CMECF Event - Request to Appear Remotely

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Court has activated a new CM/ECF event to accommodate a Request to Appear Remotely, located under the “Bankruptcy” and “Motions/Applications” menu.  A participant’s guide for filing can be found here.  The event simplifies the process for requesting to appear by telephone or video for a scheduled hearing and is available for immediate use in cases assigned to all judges (note: video appearances are currently not available for hearings held in Greenville).  Updated Common Chambers Guidelines providing the requirements for use of this event can be found here.  
The Request to Appear Remotely event can be used by CM/ECF participants to request remote appearances on behalf of the attorney, the client, and/or other parties in interest.  Before submission, the event requires filers to certify the following:

  • I certify that I have reviewed the applicable rules and   guidelines, the criteria to appear remotely are met, and this Request to Appear Remotely is made prior to any applicable deadlines.

  • I certify that I will not be presenting any evidence or witnesses at the hearing.

  • The legal argument I intend to present should not take more than 15 minutes.

  • I have consulted with opposing counsel and the trustee in the case (if one is appointed) regarding the request, and they have consented.

  • I understand that my appearance is required in person unless an Order is issued granting otherwise.

If approved by the assigned judge, an order will be entered on the docket instructing the party to contact the courtroom deputy for the information to appear remotely. 
Thank you to all who participated in developing this new event.