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Local Rules Changes

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The following local rules amendments are effective December 1, 2015: 

  1. Technical changes to SC LBR 1009-1, 1017-2, 3015-4, 4001-5, and 4008-1 updating national form names; 

  2. Amendment to SC LBR 3070-1 conforming the rule with the Supreme Court's holding in Harris v. Viegelahn (adopting the interim rule the judges promulgated by administrative order and continuing the practice of permitting the filing of debtor agreements or applications for counsel fees but not otherwise delaying post conversion refund to the debtor);

  3. Amendment to SC LBR 5080-1 clarifying the accepted methods of fee payment for non-electronic filers;

  4. New rules 7008-1, 7012-1 and 7016-1 and amendment to SC LBR 9027-1 adopting procedures to facilitate a determination of the bankruptcy judge's authority to enter final orders in matters or proceedings;

  5. Amendment to SC LBR 9037-1 addressing multiple redaction requests; and 

  6. Amendment to SC LBR 3015-3 relating to service and Exhibit A narrowing the reporting requirement in conformity with the statutory language.

The complete packet of the local rules, including the amendments, can be found here. Notes explaining changes to the rules are appended to each rule. The judges continue to consider other suggested changes. The Court thanks the Local Rules Committee for its work on the rules and appreciates the efforts of members of the Bar who submitted comments.