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Court Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In the coming months, the Court will implement many of the suggestions made as a result of the recent Customer Satisfaction Survey. Based on the feedback received, the Court intends to:
                        1. review the Court's deficiency notices and determine whether further clarity is needed in the notices;

2. provide periodic e-blasts to make CM/ECF Participants aware of common errors and to offer CM/ECF tips;
3. investigate the possibility of providing audio from the Columbia courtrooms to the attorney conference rooms on the second and third floors of the J. Bratton Davis Courthouse;
                           4. add links to the trustees' websites on the Court's website;

5. add a search feature to the Local Rules that would allow parties to search the Local Rules on the website;
6. redesign the Court's pro se section of the website to provide additional information for creditors and other parties; and
7. add a welcome page to the Court's website that will allow parties to submit comments to the Court.
Though many excellent suggestions were made, the Court is unable to implement all suggestions and some suggestions, such as clustering 341 hearing dates and times to avoid divisional conflict; allowing cell phones in the Spartanburg courthouse; and adding additional parking, are beyond the control of the Court. Some suggestions regarding CM/ECF are not possible with the current generation of CM/ECF but may appear in the next generation of CM/ECF, which is currently being developed by the Administrative Office of the Judiciary. The Judges and the Clerk wish to thank everyone who participated in the survey.