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Committee Openings

Friday, January 6, 2023

The Court seeks members of the bar to serve on the following committees:

Interest Rate in Chapter 13 Cases Committee

This Committee researches and recommends the current market rate of interest to be used in Chapter 13 cases. Its membership reflects a balance of attorneys representing creditor and debtor interests and a Trustee. Committee members serve a two year term.

Advisory Committee on Local Rules & Practice

This Committee reviews and recommends to the Court rules of practice and internal operating procedures. Committee members generally serve a two year term.

Members of the bar interested in serving on either of these committees shall contact Lauren Maxwell at (link sends e-mail) by January 27, 2023.

The Court would also like to thank Alecia T. Compton, Jacob A. Flowers, Gretchen D. Holland, Jason M. Hunter, Graham S. Mitchell, and Lauren J. Schumann for their service on the Interest Rate Committee, and Mary M. Caskey, Lawrence W. Johnson, Jr., John B. Kelchner, Eddye L. Lane, Cynthia J. Lowery, Wm. Harrison Penn, John Timothy Stack, Rory D. Whelehan, Bianca P. Williams, and James M. Wyman for their service on the Local Rules Committee.