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Chapter 13 Trustee Change

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Acting United States Trustee John P. Fitzgerald, III has selected Annemarie B. Mathews to replace retiring chapter 13 standing trustee Wm. Keenan Stephenson, Jr., effective July 1, 2021.  The United States Trustee thanks Keenan Stephenson for over 38 years of outstanding professional service and his establishment of a superbly run office.   Annemarie possesses the professional and administrative skills, character, and commitment to continue Keenan’s legacy of high-quality service to our chapter 13 constituency.   John Fitzgerald asks that you join him in congratulating Keenan upon his retirement and in welcoming Annemarie to her new position.

Andrew A. Powell will be joining Annemarie as her staff attorney on July 1, as Lydia A. Eloff, Keenan’s chapter 13 staff attorney, will also be retiring on June 30.  The United States Trustee thanks Lydia for her years of playing such an important role in maintaining operational excellence and in establishing a great relationship with the bankruptcy bar. 

All chapter 13 cases being administered by Keenan on June 30 will be assigned to Annemarie effective July 1.   
The chapter 13 office will notify employers and debtors of the change in trustee assignment for payment purposes.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Stack, Assistant United States Trustee, using the information below.
John T. Stack
Assistant United States Trustee
Department of Justice
1835 Assembly Street, Ste. 953
Columbia, SC  29201
(803) 765-5218