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Assignment of Columbia Division Cases to Judge Duncan

Thursday, September 8, 2022

In the coming weeks, Chapter 13 cases pending in the Columbia division assigned to Judge Helen E. Burris (Trustee Annemarie Mathews) will be reassigned to Judge David R. Duncan, the judge assigned to the Columbia duty station. Judge Duncan will also receive all new cases filed in the Columbia division and will retain currently assigned cases.  Judge Duncan’s Chambers Preferences should be followed after his assignment or reassignment of any case. This change is anticipated before the end of September and notice of the effective date will be provided.

There will be no change in trustee assignment and it is not necessary to re-notice any hearing or re-file any pleading.  It is anticipated that hearings will proceed as scheduled without disruption regardless of the assigned judge. Calendars are posted on the Court’s website under the Self Scheduling Calendars tab. Hearing dates currently posted for Trustee Mathews (Burris calendar) will be adopted by Judge Duncan when the judge assignment change is made.

After this change, unless a judge has a conflict with respect to a particular case, case assignment is as follows:
Charleston DivisionGasparini all cases
Columbia DivisionDuncan all cases
Greenville (formerly Spartanburg) DivisionBurris all cases

The judges may vary from this case assignment as necessary and continue to work together to unify procedures and forms regardless of division or judge assignment.