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Selection of Clerk of Court

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Our current Clerk of Court was previously selected as our next bankruptcy judge. In anticipation of this transition, the Court formed a merit selection panel consisting of the current Clerk and four members of our bar. After extensive advertising of the position, the panel reviewed approximately fifteen applications and recommended five candidates for interviews. After thorough interviews, the panel recommended Lauren T. Maxwell, our current Chief Deputy Clerk, as the premier candidate. She has accepted the position, contingent upon the current Clerk’s promotion to the bench, and will assume the job as Clerk when the L. Jefferson Davis, IV is sworn in.
Lauren graduated with honors from Clemson University and the University of North Carolina School of Law.  After graduating from law school, she worked in private practice for several years and has served this Court for approximately the last eleven years, first as a term and career law clerk and, since 2022, as Chief Deputy Clerk.  She has been a steady leader and has worked on numerous initiatives that have benefited the Bar and the public.  Please join Judges Helen E. Burris and Elisabetta G.M. Gasparini, and current Clerk and judge elect L. Jefferson Davis, IV, and Clerk’s staff in congratulating Lauren on her selection.