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Notice of New and Increased Fees

Friday, November 7, 2014

Effective December 1, 2014, the Judicial Conference approved changes to the bankruptcy court miscellaneous fee schedule.

1) The fee for direct appeals to the court of appeals increased by $50.
2) A new fee is established for motions to redact personal identifiers (FRBP 9037 and like information). The guidance the Clerk has received concerning this new fee indicates that it is intended to include our SC LBR 9037-1 procedure to disable public access. Requests to waive the new $25 fee may be made. An example given by the Judicial Conference of an appropriate circumstance for waiver is when a debtor requests redaction (or disabling access) of a personal identifier exposed by a creditor; note that this may not extend to information exposed, unintentionally or not, by the party requesting redaction. The presiding judge will determine any fee waiver request. A motion to reopen is generally not necessary if the motion to redact is filed in a closed case, if redaction is the only purpose for reopening the case.
3) The Court Administration and Case Management Committee considered trustee requests for waiver or deferral of the filing fee for motions to sell property free and clear of liens and interests and declined to recommend a change to existing policy that the fee is due upon filing the motion and should not be deferred.
A copy of the new bankruptcy court miscellaneous fee schedule, including a redline version, is attached.