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Monday, June 23, 2008

Recently, CM/ECF Release 3.2 was made available to Bankruptcy Courts so preparations can be made for its implementation. The release will contain many beneficial enhancements. Some highlighted changes will include: 1) Procedures for transcript redaction; 2) Cascading menus; 3) A New option to search for key words on Menus and Events; 4) Enhanced claim and amended claim filing; 5) Inclusion of a header containing filing information on the top of a filed document; 6) Ability to view multiple documents at one time from a docket sheet; and 7) Ability to create an appendix of selected documents from a docket sheet. CM/ECF version 3.2's enhanced options are available only through Internet Explorer version 7 and newer and Mozilla's Firefox browsers. Implementation of 3.2 is expected to occur late summer of 2008. Additional details will follow. CM/ECF 3.2 Learning Modules demonstrating many of the listed enhancements are available to download from this website and can be found by clicking here.
After successful installation of CM/ECF 3.2, the Court will begin implementation of a new feature entitled Reduced Paper Module (RPM). RPM is intended to reduce duplicate paper and email noticing - currently, registered CM/ECF Participants receive an e-mail of the docketing of a notice prepared by the Clerk's Office as well as a paper notice. The additional notice by paper is redundant and appears to have become burdensome for some CM/ECF Participants. RPM will eliminate the additional paper to CM/ECF Participants. The Court will provide more detailed information on this enhancement the near future.