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Updated Chambers Guidelines for Judge Waites

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 4:00am

Judge Waites has posted updated Chambers Guidelines on the Court's website, which include new Stay Relief Procedures to complement new 362 form orders. The final version of the 362 form orders may be found in Exhibits C - G of the revised Guidelines and may be used for all orders filed in cases assigned to Judge Waites on or after March 10, 2014. As a reminder, after that date, section 362 motions will remain on the hearing calendar if proposed orders are submitted which include nonstandard language.

The revised Guidelines also include a new section governing Mortgage Loan Modification, which sets forth methods by which a debtor may seek court approval of consensual residential mortgage loan modifications, including specific language that may be included in a chapter 13 plan.

The section governing Continuances, Settlements, and Withdrawals has been amended.