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Scheduling of Matters

Fri, 02/03/2006 - 4:00am

Upon Judge Bishop’s retirement, cases formerly assigned to him will be reassigned to another judge. Due to the requirements for advance scheduling, March hearing dates were selected by Judge Bishop, but may be rescheduled upon notice by the presiding judge. Unless advised otherwise, parties self-scheduling matters in cases assigned to Judge Bishop may continue scheduling matters on dates indicated on the March calendar as Judge Bishop hearing dates (WTB) according to the present scheduling system.

April hearing dates have been selected by Judge Waites in order to avoid conflicting dates and times in the event that he is required to preside over all of those hearings. For that reason, matters in all chapters may be heard on the same date, particularly in Spartanburg or Charleston. Parties self-scheduling matters in cases presently assigned to Judge Bishop should select hearing dates according to Trustee for Chapter 13 non-362 matters and according to Chapter and Division assignment for all other matters rather than designated judge.

Additionally, in order to meet the requirements of 11 U.S.C. § 362(e), the Court shall conduct a video session for § 362 motions in Spartanburg and Charleston once a month. The Court will designate “362 ALL” videoconference dates on the calendar for March and April 2006, and from time to time thereafter if necessary. All attorneys, witnesses, and other parties will be expected to appear at the designated video location, unless all parties agree that they will all participate at the location where the Judge is presiding (Columbia).

Parties and witnesses should be prepared to appear by video, but it is possible that a presiding Judge will be available to travel to the designated location. Scheduling questions may be directed to courtroom deputies at 803-765-5010, 803-765-5011, 803-765-5012, and 803-765-5024.