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Review of Chapter 13 Plan and Related Orders/Rules

Mon, 05/12/2008 - 5:00am

The Judges of the Court have agreed to a review of the Chapter 13 form Plan and related Orders/Rules used in this District. To assist in that effort, a six person working group comprised of two trustees, two members of the Court's Advisory Committee, and two members who specialize in this area of practice has been appointed. The members are Keenan Stephenson, Gretchen Holland, Linda Barr, Lex Rogerson, Weyman Carter and Rob Meredith. Members of the bar or the public, trustees, or any other party may make suggestions directly to any member of the working group or to the Judges via The working group will present its recommendations to the Judges and the Court's Advisory Committee. Any proposed changes will be presented for public comment prior to implementation.