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Thu, 05/22/2003 - 5:00am

The Court continues to face a record volume of cases and, in recent months, Judge Waites has issued a number of orders that provide direction regarding case administration procedures. The following cases are, or will be, listed in more detail on the opinions page of the Court's Web Page:

In re Donaldson: Discusses duties of debtor's counsel when debtor seeks to reaffirm a debt pro se.

In re Ray: Discusses the filing of a Chapter 7 case within a prejudice period and later seeking to convert the case to Chapter 13.

In re Henry: Denies voluntary amendment to bankruptcy petition to add a joint debtor retroactive to date of petition.

In re Mathis: Discusses attorneys' regular failure to appear at scheduled hearings or to timely submit settlement orders or withdrawals.

In re Moore: Discusses the filing of a case while another is pending to circumvent Section 109(g) and the Court's Operating Order 02-01 addressing serial filings.

In re Gailey: Discusses motions or orders to reinstate the stay in contravention of Local Rule 4001-1(L).

In re Knox: Finding no statutory requirement of default on loan before granting relief from stay in a no asset Chapter 7 case.

In re Johnson: Discusses duty of representation of counsel who files case for debtor under Local Rule 9010-1(d).

In re Griffin: Discusses repeated failures to comply with Local Official Form 4003-1(a) to avoid judicial liens.