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National Rule and Form Amendments

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 4:00am

Certain rules and forms were amended effective December 1, 2013. New Schedules I and J now provide an option for the debtor to supplement a previous filing to update income or expenses for purposes of determining plan feasibility. CM/ECF will be updated to allow for the filing of supplemental schedules I or J. Rule 1007(b)(7) was amended to allow the provider of an instructional course concerning financial management to file statement of completion with the Court. The Court has created an interface, known as eFinCert, whereby the debtor or provider can file the certificate of completion through the Court's website without a CM/ECF password. Rules 9006, 9013, and 9014 were also amended to provide for certain deadlines related to the filing of motion or responses. These amendments do not conflict with applicable local rules. Further information about the amendments may be found in a summary created by the Oklahoma bankruptcy courts.