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Sat, 09/13/2003 - 5:00am

Julia Robb, Judges Waites’ Judicial Assistant, has been promoted to the position of Administrative Manager in the Clerk’s Office. Julia will begin her new duties on September 22, 2003.

After serving for three years as Secretary to the Clerk of Court and as an Administrative Officer for the U.S. Trustee Program in Region 4 for seven years, Julia was recruited back to the Court upon Judge Waites’ appointment. Julia has done an outstanding job managing chambers. During her service, she has superbly performed a growing list of substantive duties including the management of the Judge’s adversary proceedings and emergency hearing calendar as well as ensuring the timely entry of orders. Equally important, Julia has performed her duties with professionalism and courtesy to all. Her calm, organized and cheerful approach will be missed in chambers. We wish her well in her new job.