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Homestead Exemption Litigation

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 5:00am

The issue of the application of the amendment to the South Carolina Homestead Exemption statute, 15-41-30(1), has been raised in a number of cases in this District. Considering the importance of the issue and need for consistency, the Judges will consult before any ruling. The issue has more immediately arisen in cases before Judges Burris and Duncan and they have entered similar scheduling orders which provide an opportunity for amicus curiae briefs from non-parties to be filed on or before October 10, 2006. Anyone interested in such an opportunity should consult the scheduling orders in the following cases: Sweat-06-02594, Evans-06-02413, Floyd-06-02461, Glenn-06-02506, and Moore-06-02532. Specific questions may be addressed to those judges chambers.