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Compliance with Local Rule Service and Notice Requirements

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 5:00am

The Judges have noticed that some parties are not serving documents and notices as required by the Local Rules. The September 1 amendments to the local rules delegated the service of several orders and notices to designated parties. For delegated matters, the Court has begun adding the following docket text:

Notice and service of this event are delegated pursuant to SC LBR 5075-1

In other instances specified under SC LBR 5075-1, but where this language does not yet appear in the docket text, the Court has not yet completed the necessary technical changes to CM/ECF to implement the change to the rule. Attorneys should, in the interim, verify that the Court has made service but are not yet required to serve the delegated matter. As the technical changes are made to each event the noted docket text will be added to highlight the need for service by the delegated party. When an attorney serves a delegated matter, a certificate of service should be promptly filed pursuant to SC LBR 9013-3. A Notice of Electronic Filing may be attached to the certificate of service as proof of service on those parties who receive notice electronically through CM/ECF.