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Cases Assigned to Judge Burris in the Columbia Division:

Wed, 07/06/2016 - 5:00am

Debtor's counsel filing bankruptcy cases in Aiken, Barnwell, Chester, Edgefield, and Lancaster counties should make a hearing location election for cases filed on or after June 27, 2016, and assigned to Judge Burris. This election allows debtor's counsel to choose the hearing location (Spartanburg or Columbia) for all hearings to be held in that case, excluding the 11 U.S.C. § 341 meeting (to conclusion, all chapters) and the INITIAL confirmation hearing in Chapter 13 cases. Thank you to all attorneys that have promptly made the election upon filing. Please note that if no election has been made by debtor's counsel at the time any motion is filed, movants may schedule the hearing at the location of movant's choice (Columbia or Spartanburg).

More information concerning this election and the location of hearings can be found in Judge Burris' chamber guidelines.