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23rd Annual BankLA Seminar

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 5:00am

The Judges of the Court thank the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association for its invitation to and hospitality during the 23rd Annual Seminar. The seminar is open to member and non-member alike and the Association has done much to promote collegiality and improve practice in our area of the law.

A highlight of the annual meeting, along with superb educational activities and the opportunity to socialize with a great practice group, is the presentation of awards. We briefly acknowledge the contributions of the award recipients and congratulate them on the recognition by their peers.

The William E.S. Robinson Public Service Award was given to G. William McCarthy, Jr. Those nominating Bill reflected on his firm’s dedication to pro bono representation and the fact that Bill and Billy were partners in the practice of law. The nomination also recited many other contributions by Bill and his firm to our practice area.

The J. Bratton Davis Award was presented to R. Geoffrey Levy. This award, in honor of the first bankruptcy judge in our district, is given in recognition of professionalism in the practice of bankruptcy law. The nomination of Geoff noted his involvement in most of the major cases in this district over the past three plus decades and highlighted Geoff’s civility in dealing with even the most contentious of cases.

Finally, Judges Burris and Duncan are pleased to report the special recognition given our fine colleague for his accomplishments during his term as Chief Judge. South Carolina Legal Services recognized Judge John E. Waites for his many contributions in the area of indigent services and the promotion of pro bono efforts by the bankruptcy bar. Our bench is grateful to John for his leadership and his commitment to equal access to justice.