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Upcoming Court in Charleston before Judge Waites

Judge Waites
Mon, 01/13/2020 - 9:50am

During January and February 2020, Judge Waites’ Charleston court dockets will be, in most instances, conducted at the scheduled time by video conference capability with the trustees, attorneys, parties, and witnesses appearing in the Charleston courtroom and the Judge appearing by video from Columbia.

During this period, it is imperative that counsel observe Judge Waites’ Chambers Guidelines and timely submit continuance requests, withdrawals, settlements and joint statements of dispute. Joint statements of dispute are due in all contested matters, including objections to confirmation and objections to motions for relief from stay.

Testimony and documentary evidence shall be presented in Charleston. For all exhibits, to the extent counsel wants the Judge to have a copy for review during the hearing, an additional copy shall be provided to the Columbia Chambers by email ( no later than 12:00 PM, one business day prior to the scheduled hearing.

Contested matters or trials which are expected to require significant court time may be rescheduled by the Court to be heard on a separate day.

The parties, counsel, and applicable case trustee may jointly request to move the location of a Charleston hearing to the Columbia courthouse. Any request to move a Charleston hearing to the Columbia courthouse shall be made to Chambers by email ( no later than 10:00 AM two business days prior to the scheduled hearing. A hearing moved to the Columbia courthouse may be rescheduled depending on the Court’s schedule.

In matters involving only arguments (i.e., no testimony or contested exhibits to be presented) and with the consent of all counsel, pro se parties, and the applicable case trustee, the Court will allow attorneys to appear in Columbia while opposing attorneys appear in Charleston. Such a request and consents shall be presented to the Courtroom Deputy (Nicole Stalvey, and Chambers (Andrew Powell, Agnes Babb, by email no later than the deadline for filing the joint statement of dispute in the contested matter.