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New and Updated CM/ECF Events for Cases Assigned to Judge Waites

Judge Waites
Mon, 04/17/2017 - 2:09pm

The Court has made two new CM/ECF events available for use in cases assigned to Judge Waites as well as updated one event currently in effect, which are available starting today, Monday April 17, 2017. These events eliminate the need for counsel to file a proposed orders in these matters.

  • “Request for Settlement Order on Motion for Relief from Stay (Judge Waites)” – This CM/ECF event replaces the “Request for Settlement Order on Motion for Relief from Stay” for Judge Waites cases and incorporates most of the standard § 362 settlement orders included in the Chamber Guidelines. This event is a text event, similar to the “Certification of No Response and Request for 362 Default Order” in that it is only necessary for counsel to complete the inputs in CM/ECF, and a proposed order will be created based on that information. This event is not available for the 362 settlement order that resolves a motion through LM/MM (Exhibit N in Chamber Guidelines).
  • “Affidavit of Default on 362 Settlement Order and Request for Order Granting Relief” – This CM/ECF event may be used in lieu of filing an affidavit of default and proposed order based on an ex parte relief provision of a § 362 settlement order. Upon the completion of this event and the uploading of affidavit of default on a § 362 settlement order and corresponding payment history (as limited under the recent changes to Chamber Guidelines), a proposed order granting relief will be created for the Judge’s consideration.
  • “Loss Mitigation/Mediation” event under the “Motions/Applications” category in CM/ECF – Parties are no longer required to file a proposed order requiring LM/MM and a proposed order appointing LM/MM mediator when filing under this event. Upon the completion of the event and the uploading of a notice and motion for LM/MM, the proposed orders will be drafted based on the information entered by counsel.

The proposed orders generated by these events are in conformance with the standard orders listed in the “Judge Waites Local Forms” section of the Court’s webpage, which is available here.