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Reminder Regarding Delegated Service of Certain Orders and the Filing of Certificates of Service

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 9:28am

The Judges remind the bar that SC LBR 5075-1 delegates the service of a variety of orders, including, for example, orders confirming plans, orders on motions to reconsider dismissal, and orders on motions to extend stay.  The docket text generated upon entry of the order reflects, and should remind you, whether the order is a delegated service order.  SC LBR 9013-3 requires filing certificates of service.  It appears that many attorneys either are not serving delegated orders or are serving orders but not filing certificates of service.  Failure to comply with the Local Rules may affect the enforceability of these orders.  Please review your internal office procedures to ensure that you are in compliance with the Local Rules.